Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Art Journal Addiction

So for the past 3 months... day and night I've been furiously filling my artbook/journal!! It's become a pure obsession. Hence why I've not been online nearly as much. All I think about is creating... I'm eating, sleeping, breathing my art right now. I absolutely adore it but I do find myself cocooned from the outside a lot more. I just can't help it... it's like a drive inside me that I have no control over. I'm working on 5 different journals at the moment and I bought a gorgeous large blank handmade journal just 3 months ago and have already filled it... All 50 pages (or more!!)

I'm a little different to most art journallers in that I don't particularly journal so much. I have one diary that I journal in as well as practice techniques but in my main books it's mostly art pieces with a bit of text thrown in here and there.

The last 3 months have been the most prolific as far as my art/journalling goes EVER! I've had a journal on the go since 2007 and it's a beauty but it was a very controlled journal that I did entries in every so often and they were very thought out and personal. But now... I just go for it... I'm sometimes doing up to 3 spreads a day!!  I've even completed at least 10 finished canvases for display.

I just have a fire burning inside me that won't go out. I just create & create & create!! Now I know the feeling of fellow artists I've seen in the past... the ones I'd see that had a burning passion that I always admired but never thought I'd have.... I always thought I had a flicker of a flame but nothing roaring like I saw in a few special others (my own talented Mum being one of them)... but seems the only thing required to make a roaring flame is to just immerse yourself.  Immerse yourself in your flaming passion and the flame will grow and grow and grow!! I've always loved art but never had to live and breathe it prior to now... I have found the deeper I went and the more often I did it... the more I needed and wanted it.

I've been covering every and all techniques. Mixed media, textiles, acrylics, pastel, watercolor, ink, stamps, collage, finger painting,  stencils... everything!!!

And of course I'm finding the more I work the more confident I get and the better I get at my techniques. I used to worry so much about the final outcome of my art... most of the time too scared to do things for fear it would ruin my piece. But once I freed myself by having a book and not worrying about whether it was going to hang on a wall or whether other people would see it... it completely freed me and boy did I love it!!  I no longer cared about what the final piece was going to look like... I only cared about the process.  Because it's actually the process of creating that I believe is the most important.  For me it's like I heal myself through each and every process.  And now I feel so free - I'm feeling so much more stronger in myself!  I finally found my true inner artist and it's out and never wants to go back in!! :)

I also must mention some of the many incredible fellow journallers/artists online that I've sought out and been inspired by. People like Sabrina Ward Harrison, Pam Garrison, DJ Petit, Christy Tomlinson, Donna Downey, Alisa Burke & so many more!! The web is an artists paradise is all I can say!! I'm so thankful for the internet... it's opened the world to me and I've learned so much priceless information!! Thank you world wide web... you've helped me grow more than I could ever truly have imagined!!

Here's a glimpse of just a tiny amount of inside my art journal from the last 3 months....

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