Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Time to Create Our New World! - Kony 2012

What an exciting week this has been!  I feel like I'd been waiting for these events all my life! 

I've always believed something like this was possible... but I kinda felt like I might be forever, hoping and waiting for it to happen.

But THIS IS IT!! I've realised that this is the beginning..... the beginning for all of us. 

The beginning.... where there is hope for each of us, singly to have the ability to change the world!

And all I need to say to do it is...

KONY 2012

I stumbled upon the Kony 2012 video purely by accident when I clicked on a friends facebook comment, but I have no doubt whatsover it would have been  just a matter of days before it was brought to my attention.  

It was funny you know... cause just days before seeing this video I'd had  a conversation with my partner... telling him how I'd been feeling & thinking how mindblowing it is to think how big facebook is.  And how I was wondering what effects the size, scope and power of such enormity is going to have on the world.  I was hoping more than anything that it would be a tool for good rather than bad.   

Then I watched the video and it was as though my hopes were becoming reality! 
Throughout the last minutes of watching... it was literally through tears of joy! 

I felt change inside me... I felt hope. 
I felt it in the core of my being!  

It may sound corny to you... but to me... it's my truth!! It was actually quite profound! It was hope and joy I was feeling, not for the injustice shown in the video.. but for the people!  
The people of this world finally knowing in their hearts that we are ALL, each and every single one of us capable of shaping our world by using our single voices to come together as one!

So.. Here's where it all begins. Here's where we can say NO TO SOMETHING and now know that if we say it with enough determination, strength and convinction (as proven in the video) we can make it happen.

I feel it inside and I just know it can happen and I'm going to do whatever I can to help make it happen. I feel none of that niggling gut instinct of this feeling like a fraud... like it feeling too good to be true! 

For this reason I've created free posters, postcards, flyers... for myself, my family, my friends, my acquantainces... for all of us to show the world that we want to have a voice in our world... and that we too want Kony stopped! Show them that we've decided that it's time to be HEARD!!

I want you to share this and feel the power of the ability to change your world as you do it!  I want you to save the images... blog them, facebook them... twitter them!! Use them as your rabbit cage paper... wrap presents with them... whatever you want... just so long as they get out there!!!

And most of all... I want you to talk! Let's all start telling EVERYBODY, loud and proud about KONY 2012!!

This is not just about the arrest of one man... this is just the beginning... this is about demanding the creation of the world we want to live in!

WE have the power... we are the power... BELIEVE IT AND YOU WILL SEE IT!!

Let me leave you with a quote from the Kony 2012 website...

This is the beautiful beginning of an ending that is just the beginning. We are defending tomorrow. And it's hopeful.



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