Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rare Albino Photographs

I just had to share with you this incredible photography series I just found by Gustavo Lacerda

 Incredible stuff... so enchanting... so unique... 
such a beautiful glimpse and insight into these extraordinary people born to look so unique from the rest of the world.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Crafting Obsessions

So as I've said many a time before... I absolutely love my work! I feel like I'm living the dream being able to design and sell online.  I'm so very very thankful to say that my online stores are doing well and I'm still working hard at adding new designs on a regular basis.

But even through this happiness... over the last 6 months I've found myself wanting more and more ... to find things to do away from the computer and have more time creating with my hands. It started with my painting ... and then with cakes, then onto party planning and then slowly progressed into home crafts.

 The internet (the main focus being Pinterest) of course has had nearly everything to do with that transition.   The amount of talent and inspiration I see on a daily basis on the internet is just mind blowing!!  And as many of would know all too well... pinterest easily becomes literally an obsession!  

Well... obsession it definitely was with me... where I was trying practically everything fun & crafty that took my fancy! I've been crafting so much in whatever spare time I have that my output is pretty crazy!

So much so that my Mum and I have decided to go in partnership together selling our craft and vintage wares! We've always talked about being in some kind of art/craft venture together cause it's such an overwhelming passion for us both. We're both very excited about the prospect and I must admit I've loved having this new venture to begin focusing on when I'm not working on my Pip Pip Hooray Stores.  That's how I've always been...  I like mixing things up all the time!

Here's but a tiny glimpse of what I've made the last 6 months or so...

More sneaky peeks to come!  

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

French Ex....quisite

I've fallen in love with this singer Zaz! She's transcended the language barrier through to my soul!!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jeff Buckley - Musical God!

I just had to share this brilliant documentary I found all about Jeff Buckley. He's the artist I will never ever forget and feel most grief about his tragic loss.   To think what music he would have written and performed had he lived longer.... just overwhelms me!!  Although sometimes I wonder whether the world would have even been able to handle where his musical journey went... considering what he produced with his first solo album!!

I've listed to Grace so many times I've lost count. He is still the only musician that physically moves me... I get goosebumps, shivers... I feel overwhelming emotional feelings when I hear his music.  

It really is like Jeff Buckley is a conduit... to something or somewhere else so beautiful... somewhere that can't be touched with words or through sight... but can only be touched through his music!!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting Personal - Living Wholeheartedly

If you haven't watched Brene Brown's TED video yet I'd be quite surprised!

I've already posted it on my personal facebook page for friends and family twice and I just asked myself while browsing Brene's blog again... "Why haven't I blogged about this yet?". After all... everything that Brene says strikes a chord so deeply with my own soul truth and it seems to strike a chord with so many others that I can't help but want to share it in the hope it may help others as it's helped me!

Brene believes completely and wholeheartedly in connection. She has researched for decades human behaviour through interviews and can prove through her research, that connection is what we all yearn for... what we all want and need... but what many of us run from.  She's right when she says it's a subject that no one wants to talk about.  But here I am... pushing through the fear of talking about it and doing it cause my gut is telling me to.

To me, connection is love. I love that Brene uses the word connection though because it takes away that 'overwhelming' factor and feeling that the word love can bring.  I also think the word 'Love' sounds too corny or sappy to many people and I think many switch off when using that word thinking of love only in one or two frames of context (usually in terms of sexual or family). Calling love connection is so much better because it's a word that describes the kind of love we all should strive for... love/connection for ourselves... love/connection for all our fellow man... love/connection for our sameness... love/connection for our uniqueness... love and connection bringing with it the ability to see everything for what it truly is.

I'm always striving for connection in my life. And I'm very thankful to say I have so much of it already... I have grown up with a truly wonderful family who love me unconditionally and who I love unconditionally and feel completely at ease around, I found the love of my life, and I have my son... my truest and deepest definition of love... my reason for wanting to better myself, to be all that I can be - for him - the sunshine in my world! And if that's not greedy enough... I also wish to have love... or connection with my friends and fellow human beings.

I've had it many a time before... connection with pure strangers and it's those moments that I'll remember forever. I've had connection with people on the internet... some of the best in fact!
Take for instance the one who first introduced me to Brene.  Her name is Sarah... but I just have to call her Sas! She's the wonderful girl I have no problem or hesitation in calling my cyber sister and friend! The amount of connection and synchronicity I've experienced with her, which began from the very start of our crossing paths - is just intensely wonderful! I feel as though we are so alike in many ways and she's constantly sending inspiration and moments of connection my way through music, words and through witnessing her own journey of self exploration and growth. (See her fabulous blog here)

So I have all this wonderful connection in my life... and I strive for more of it everyday. New connection and re-kindling or nurturing old.  And I really wish for everyone else to have the same thing if they haven't already! Because living a life through connection/love is in my opinion the most rewarding and only way to truly live!  Granted it can be confronting, hurtful and hard at times... but no good things come to those without hard work or adversity.  And in my opinion... the good far outweighs the bad.

To be truthful, to be vulnerable with those you love, to be yourself... that's when you find connection... and you can only have connection by doing these things.

It's those moments you can't explain or put into words... the moments with another person where things just click or you feel it and know it in your mind and heart but you don't say it out loud (or sometimes you do). Where you feel something much deeper or stronger than your average dealings with an acquaintance or stranger.

To me, living authentically and with connection is also what I consider - tuning into my gut feelings... I've learned to listen and trust my gut instinct now with everything I do and the more I do that... the stronger the instinct becomes. I find friendships through it, I do my work through it, I live my life through it. I live almost completely spontaneously now... and many who don't really know me... would definitely think me unorganized, airy or strange... but I don't care... cause honestly... I'm the most content I've ever been!

I've still so many a thing to learn.. especially in the form of connection with self... I seem to have no real problem mastering it with others but when it comes to unconditional love for myself I've struggled with that since a child.  I've put myself through some very intense and hard lessons in the process of trying to find myself... some things I'm still recovering from... that I will be for the rest of my life.  But  I've come a long way in regards to it... but still have a ways to go!

I also struggle with letting myself feel pain and my vulnerability... that's always been my hardest lesson... just being able to let go and feel it is something I've still to learn how to do.  You see when I feel my pain... or even my joy... that vulneribility leads to fear of loss in me which then leads to anxiety... so I've learned to avoid it... to find ways of numbing it.   The fear grew stronger after my brother died because then the reality of death and extreme loss of love was upon me which I found extremely hard to cope with.

But I'm slowly breaking down the barriers and allowing myself to confront it... but it has to be  a slow process because I can't take that kind of emotion head on.  It's baby steps for me... cause I've ran from my pain for such a long time.  I'm definitely in a place now that is better... but I still find myself at times using business, shopping, food and technology to avoid it!  That's my newest and most important lesson I'm learning right now... allowing myself to let go and 'really' feel my pain.  I'm even working through a lot of my unresolved grief of losing my brother which was 13 years ago!! Over a decade I managed to run and hide from the grief but it did nothing but mean I had more to face in the long run!  But I'm thankful I'm finally in a place where I'm facing it as well as being thankful for it!  I know it may sound strange but I am thankful for it... because it's taught me so much... his death taught me not to take those I love for granted... to be appreciative of the little things!  That's a gift!!

So everyday is a learning day... and I'll be learning till I die. I look forward to all the connections that lie in my future... whether they lead to pain or joy (hopefully a good balance of both). I choose to welcome them with open arms.

I hope your arms are open too?

Love to you all.

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