Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm an instant Pierces fan!

Thanks to my beautiful friend Sas for introducing me to these gorgeous women!!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

How I Make Money Working From Home

It's been over 15 years now that I've worked on computers pretty much every day of my working life and I feel I've learned an incredible amount in that time.

I feel very blessed that I can now earn a living working from home doing what I do. And I enjoy it so much that I sometimes feel guilty for enjoying my job so much... kind of like it should feel like more of a chore from time to time.

As you already know I design for my Online Pip Pip Hooray Stationery Business... but you most likely also didn't know that I've been diversifying my income over the past 6 months, building my affiliate marketing earnings.

If you've never heard of Affiliate marketing or if you have and have always wondered how it works... I've written a step by step visual guide of how to do it on zazzle (now the biggest Print on Demand Online Shopping Site in the World).

I spent a very long time writing this to make sure it's as clear and as easy to understand as possible. I initially created it for friends and family who I wanted to share these tips with so they could hopefully earn some money on the side doing it. Also because they would ask me how they could help promote my products. This way, through affiliate marketing (which is also called referrals & referring) they can promote my designs using their own special code and then if anyone buys one of my designs through their recommendation... they earn a whole 15% of the sale/s! I've seen people earn over $35 USD from one invitation sale through my store!!  

This guide is the kind of guide that most others on the internet would try and make you pay for. But I want to share it with everyone! To give everyone else the chance to earn money on the internet if they have the passion and desire for it! So click on the image below to view the full page of instructions and tips.

I really hope many of you find it useful.

Would love to hear from you too if you feel inclined.

Pip ♥


CLICK ON BELOW LINK (example image from the tutorial)

How to make money as an affiliate step by step guide