Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Business Cards Available.

Here's some of the latest business cards templates available in my Pip Pip Hooray store.
Vintage Ornate Scissors Hair Salon Business CardsVintage Wallpaper Scissors Hair Salon Business Business Cards
Designer Floral Hair Stylist Appointment Cards zazzle_profilecardDesigner Floral Hair Stylist Appointment Cards zazzle_profilecard
Fashion Girl 1 Damask Hair Salon Appointment Cards zazzle_profilecard Fashion Girl 2 Damask Hair Salon Appointment Cards zazzle_profilecardGOLD Grunge Damask Hair Stylist Appointment Cards zazzle_profilecardGOLD Damask Hair Salon Stylist Business Card zazzle_profilecardBeige & White Stylish Hair Salon Appointment Cards zazzle_profilecardScissors Hair Stylist Salon Appointment Card zazzle_profilecardHome Red Salon Designer Hair Stylist Appointment zazzle_profilecardBlack & White Vintage Damask Hair Stylist Fashion zazzle_profilecard

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Newest Minted Designs Up for Voting...

I've been frantically working away on new and exclusive Minted designs of late and I could really use your help and support please.  I really don't like having to ask this (and I know I've done it a few times before)... but this is the internet art world nowadays and you need support in order to get anywhere.

I would be so very grateful if you feel so inclined... to vote on my designs... a 5 means you love it... a 1 means you hate it... and in between is well in between... I'm sure you get the gist?

So if you have a spare moment I would appreciate it so much if you could vote on my following new designs (I'm sorry but yes you need to log in and create a minted user name)..  And while you're there (if you're there) and you're in the mood... vote on other artists work too.  You'll have a say as to whether these products get sold or not.

This first one is for an oval shaped print of my own watercolour painting...

art prints - Watercolor Forest

And the following are all my new designs for spiral bound notebooks...

journals - Watercolor Abstract

journals - Secret Garden

journals - Vintage Floral

journals - Love is All You Need

journals - Monster Party

journals - Babushka Beauty

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Friday, July 25, 2014

My Art Journaling (July 2014)

If you'd like to see new photo's I've taken of all my art journalling/art/illustrations (which I do every day... but only photograph about 1/8 of what I have)... check out my instagram.
click on image to view...

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Gerard Family Member!

Finally uploaded my DSLR photo's and just had to share the one's of our new Gerard 'baby' - Daisy -  the littlest, sweetest cavi puppy known in existence! Well, technically Mum's 'baby' but I've happily adopted her like I wish she was my own... So many times I've daydreamed of tucking her in my handbag and taking her home... and Kane has slowly grown to adore her! So much so that we are actually considering getting a Cavi too. I'd just want to pray I get one with a gorgeous temperament like Daisy.... she's the cutest, sweetest little cuddler dog! Any chance I get I'm there to see this little bundle of Cavi love and actually miss her when I don't see her for a week!! It's crazy! This dog has made me fall head over heels ... but I'm not the only one that's for sure! :)

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Exciting Art News on Minted!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I've been of late.  You see I received an email recently from Minted letting me know that they've given me my very own Minted art store  where I can upload my own new art prints at will!!!  

To have such a thing happen is honestly a wonderful dream come true!! Just writing this sends shivers through me.  You see to me... Minted is the cream of the art/design crop!  I adore the art and design that the Minties create and it makes me strive daily to want to become a better artist/designer.  I know I have so much to learn to get to the kind of caliber that many of the regular winning Minties already possess but it excites me to think I may just get there in the years to come. I look through Minted and am constantly in awe of the talent and beauty.  So to be part of it makes me feel blessed beyond all measure!  

I feel so thankful and have been working my butt off of late to make new art that is hopefully up to the standards I'm setting myself.  I purchased a new fancy scanner so I can scan my art now at the highest resolution in order to make available my hand painted work in Minted's largest format and I've purchased a new laptop that is a touch screen wacom tablet for me to produce more exciting work in the near future.

It absolutely thrills me beyond all delight to tell you that I now have 4 art prints that have been selected via Minted's art design challenges (two are soon to be unveiled).

My first selected design on Minted was my Kids Owl Print which has proved really popular with sales.  To have it prove popular has just blown my mind and I'm so very very thankful.

And introducing my newest Minted Art Print...  Watercolor Garden.

Exciting things are a happenin'

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Monday, June 30, 2014

1st Birthday Party Custom Photo Template Invitations

Are you looking for modern, contemporary, trendy, affordable and easy to create, quick baby's 1st birthday photo invite cards? Then I think these below template selections may be just what you're looking for. You can customize them yourself quickly and easily online and they come delivered to your door and are gorgeously professional in quality!!

It so easy to upload your own baby photo's to make your own 1st birthday party invite or even a 1st birthday party thank you photo card!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Design Commission - Hastings Street Flags

I couldn't be more thrilled to show you my latest design venture that has been some time in the making. A few months back I was approached by the Hastings Westernport Chamber of Commerce to design street flags for its main street (High Street).  I met their fabulous new Marketing and Promotions Manager Angie Baker. Angie only recently came to the Peninsula after doing much of the Marketing and Promotions for the iconic and famous Bondi Beach in Sydney.  Her ideas and concepts for making Hastings better and brighter were so very very exciting to me.  Just talking with her made me passionate and eager to see the changes she had in mind for gorgeous Hastings.  

First thing was to design the street flags... Angie wanted contemporary, geometric, strong bold patterns, perhaps with fish as part of concept.  She gave me some wonderful examples and I set out to create something she would love.

A few meetings later I felt I really got what her vision was about and we settled on 5 different flag designs.  

Without Angie's input and vision I know I would never have created these finished designs... so it truly was a partnership.

And since the flag design I've also been working a little with Angie on her wonderful new Hello Hastings website that is an awesome resource for local and visiting residents alike.

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