Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here Chooky Chooky

My Mum gave me a gorgeous little hen candle for easter. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to paint it.

So here's the little henny hen hen in a rainbow of colors.

Available on recipe binders, business cards, hens night invitations, posters + more.

All can be quickly & very easily personalized with your own text yourself.

Quick, easy, affordable!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Red Bubble Tees at the Beach

Spent the afternoon at our local foreshore last weekend with my family & convinced my sister to be the model for my Red Bubble t-shirts.
Here's my gorgeous sister (inside & out) wearing my two most popular designs.
The quality of the t-shirts are really fantastic, soft, thick, gorgeous to wear. And the printing is really 'top quality'. I was especially extremely impressed with how the 'Blackbird' tee turned out!!

**click on the photo's to view the t-shirts for sale**

The above is my 'Love is all you need' tee.

I was inspired to draw this one day because I was heavily into John Lennon at the time (still am... just not to the almost obsessive extent I was at that time). The man is a hero in my eyes. I was reading all the biographies and listening to his music flat out. (greatest biographies to read about him are the one by his ex wife Cynthia & the one called 'Loving John' by his former assistant/lover May Pang)

So this was just one of my odes to a man I so greatly admire!

(I've updated the 'love is all you need' design so the image appears bigger on the tee now)

And this 'Blackbird' tee was inspired by the legendary Paul McCartney/Beatles song of the same name.
One of the greatest acoustic songs ever I believe.
(and this is my favourite rendition... it's Paul caught on tape during rehearsal. I think it's a perfect example of the pure musical genius involved with the Beatles, especially Paul & John of course).

Some of the other fun pic's I took on the day of my truly adorable niece Ruby Rose!
Whenever I see her my heart melts. A little sunshine light in our lives.

And this is my stunning Mum (who is nearly 60 & grammy to 4 already if you can believe it!) and Ruby Rose having heaps of fun in the sand.
I can't say enough positive words about my Mum. She's my best friend and an incredibly caring & loving Mum. She's a very talented artist and has taught me so much. I've picked up her passion for creating it seems :)

*click on the images of her to see her Red Bubble portfolio*

A stand out, memorable day that I will treasure forever.It was one of those days where I stopped and really took in how wonderful it was and how thankful I was for everything... especially my family. They mean the absolute world to me.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Roses a metaphor for love.

I was inspired to post this by the lovely Adrienne who was actually the first blogger I met that I'd not known previously... when I first started blogging. 

I love the way she lives.. I love the way she thinks...

I do believe we have a lot in common.

Check out her fabulous blog... she's a gal with style! :)

My View on Roses

I came to the conclusion not too long ago that roses may be considered the most romantic flowers in the world because metaphorically they're a symbol of love.

Roses... though one of the most beautiful flowers in the world... at the same time they can be the most painful with those thorns to inflict pain on touch.

Just as Love... can be the most beautiful & incredible feeling in the world... at the same time it can also be the most painful.

This thought was what inspired me to do my Rose Hearts series of designs.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Couple's Initials Carved into tree trunks

I feel quite happy with my latest tree painting.

For some reason I keep on wanting to paint or draw either trees or birds. Both just come naturally and always come to mind when feeling inspired.
I was inpsired to do this particular tree trunk carving design just days ago when I saw on my favourite blossom tree on the front nature strip of my house... my partner had carved both mine and my sons name in it. And it actually made me feel really happy. There's just something very romantic about it.

So this latest watercolor painting I finished just hours ago. I created both a natural plain tree... as well as a more romantic version with dangling love hearts from the tree for weddings and engagements.

The initials can be so easily carved into the tree.. just by typing in the couples initials in the boxes next to the design in zazzle. I've made sure to make my designs as easy and as simple as possible for customers to personalize themselves.
**To view the designs... just click on the images below**

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reason why Roses are the most romantic flowers

I think there's a reason why roses are considered the most romantic of flowers. I think it's the stunning beauty... yet also the pain they can inflict with their thorns. Almost a metaphor for love. Love can be the most beautiful thing in the world... at the same time it can also be the most painful.