Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Design Commission - Hastings Street Flags

I couldn't be more thrilled to show you my latest design venture that has been some time in the making. A few months back I was approached by the Hastings Westernport Chamber of Commerce to design street flags for its main street (High Street).  I met their fabulous new Marketing and Promotions Manager Angie Baker. Angie only recently came to the Peninsula after doing much of the Marketing and Promotions for the iconic and famous Bondi Beach in Sydney.  Her ideas and concepts for making Hastings better and brighter were so very very exciting to me.  Just talking with her made me passionate and eager to see the changes she had in mind for gorgeous Hastings.  

First thing was to design the street flags... Angie wanted contemporary, geometric, strong bold patterns, perhaps with fish as part of concept.  She gave me some wonderful examples and I set out to create something she would love.

A few meetings later I felt I really got what her vision was about and we settled on 5 different flag designs.  

Without Angie's input and vision I know I would never have created these finished designs... so it truly was a partnership.

And since the flag design I've also been working a little with Angie on her wonderful new Hello Hastings website that is an awesome resource for local and visiting residents alike.

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  2. Hi Pip,

    I wanted to let you know I included your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party stamps in my Alice in Wonderland feature. I loved the prettiness and simplicity of the design. :)