Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Pip Pip Hooray Designs.

Boy have I been on a designing streak of late... I just can't stop! When I'm a roll like this... I don't like to stop & keep myself kind of in my designing bubble (which I'm sure frustrates my fella... I hope he understands)... cause it doesn't happen too often where I just keep going and going and going!

Here's just a few of my most recent new designs.... Was feeling the cute vibe it seems.

This first was a request from a lovely lady in Sydney, Australia for her daughters christening. It matches her cake somewhat...
Keep an eye out for this one to soon be appearing on a number of different products for different occasions.

New Address Notification Moving House Home postcard

And because I was feeling the cute vibe I decided to try my hand at a children's farm animal party theme design... here's what I came up with...  It's a mixed media design... with the fence being made up of an actual photograph of wood planks.  The rest is my own vector design created with my wacom pen tablet.

Farm Animals Apple Tree 1st Birthday Party Invite invitation
Farm Animals Apple Tree 1st Birthday Party Invite invitation

I'll post some more when my design streak wears off some :)

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Muppets Party Extravaganza!

Thought I'd talk about my latest labour of love which is a page full of all the best Muppets party ideas, free printables and party ware you'll find anywhere on the web!!

Since I was a young girl I have always been a massive Jim Henson fan. Anything muppet related I just seemed to adore. Brian Froud had a lot to do with it too... as I was and am still a very big fan. Brian Froud is the artist behind the Dark Crystal and the Labyrinth... his art is unique and filled with so much wonderful fantasy!

So as you may know... on top of having my designs selling in my zazzle stores I also write articles on Squidoo. I've found myself mostly gravitating towards creating pages to help other parents with their own kids party ideas.. mostly because I'm finding making the pages the most fun to do! :)

My latest Muppets page was one that has been in the making for many many months. It was the one of the first pages I wanted to do but thought there wasn't enough muppets resources on the internet for me to make the kind of detailed party pages I usually like to make. But I perservered and feel happy with this latest party ideas page... it's definitely my most favourite so far!!

Thanks to the latest brilliant Muppet Movie as well as Disney now owning the brand... it's having a resurgence the likes that haven't been seen for a very long time... which makes me very happy! And watching the new movie makes me happy too... I absolutely adore it. I have to say... I think its the best Muppet Movie yet! The perfect mix of funny, silly, corny, muppet old school and muppet new school to keep everyone entertained. But I think especially us old school Muppet Fans will be the ones to appreciate it most!

So this new Muppets Party Page.... is filled with so much Muppets party inspiration that anyone wanting to hold a Muppets theme party for their child will hopefully find this page beyond invaluable!!

Just click on any of the following photo's to view the page.


MUPPET CAKESFree Muppets Milk Bottle Cut out stickers

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