Monday, November 28, 2011

Personalized Jewellery / Product Backing Cards for Etsy or Ebay

These very affordable yet beautiful in quality and design personalized product backing cards... are perfect for the at home crafter or work at home Mum doing small hand made products.
You could easily punch a hole in the top to turn them into tags... punch small holes in the centre to hold earrings, brooches, hair clips.... or put them in clear bag as the backing card for strength and beautiful business marketing and promotion!  
Easily personalize with your own logo (best suited for .png logo's with transparent backgrounds) and text in just minutes online!
Each card costs under approx 50 cents each (even less if printed on standard card stock) and are double sided, full color large business card sized cards printing on stunning eggshell embossed & textured card stock (or you have the choice or white linen, metallic gold, metallic pearl, metallic platinum, recycled white or just plain white card stock)
More designs coming very soon so be sure to come back to my store.
Jewellery / Product Backing Cards - Etsy, Ebay profilecard

Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Orgy in my Garden!

Outside in the yard with my Mr while he did the very impressive job of removing the 1000s of horrible big weeds that had made home in our garden... I watched as he found what I can only describe as an orgy of snails! He picked them up on his shovel and put them all atop our green bin and I have to tell you I was enthralled! I just stood staring at this mass of shell, sluggy, slimy, slugness and was mesmorized! A sight I'd never seen and I doubt many others had too. So I ran and grabbed my camera to get the little slimy suckers on film.

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