Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pip's Pink Dessert Table Party

I've been talking about all things pink and having a pink party for some time and I finally did it! Me and my siblings threw a huge 60th Birthday Party for our wonderful Mum and that was my excuse to go all out and finally make the pink dessert table I've always wanted to make!  And thankfully it was all to Mum's taste and she loved every bit.  It so lovely to see how happy the party made Mum... she deserved it and so much more! x

Months in the making this dessert table was full with home made accents and accessories, vintage treasure finds and lots of chocolate and sweet delights!
Now I completely understand the appeal and know why so many Mum's do it! Seeing it all come together on the table was such a buzz... I enjoyed every second creating this luscious, pretty in pink dessert table!!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Circus Carnivale Chocolates

My Little Clown
Recently my 6 year old son did his first ever school production.  It was a Circus production... filled with clowns, acrobats, strongmen and animals.  It was wonderful.  I actually shed tears for a second while watching him perform... and I always... always... thought I would not be that kind of Mum!  I just couldn't help it!  It was seeing him looking so independent, so confident, so grown up.. I just couldn't stop the feelings from overwhelming me. 
I was so unbelievably excited leading up to the big nights (there were two nights of the show on a local stage).  The kids had been working on this all year so the build up was huge!
I decided I'd do my tiny part (especially compared to some of the incredible help others Mum's gave to costumes and organising!) by helping, along with other Mum's, to make food for the canteen to sell at the shows as a school fundraiser.  So of course me being me... I couldn't help myself from getting all over the top creative!  No I couldn't just make chocolate crackles and be done with it... I had to come up with all these hair brained ideas and go ALL out for it!!  I made myself feel less silly by figuring it was good practice for my party planning skills as well as a good chance for taking photo's so show on my blog (which as you might have noticed has been hugely neglected!).
So here's what I made... chocolate dipped marshmallow sticks and home made chocolates.
I think I enjoyed making the marshmallow sticks the most!  I purchased the long marshmallow twirls... then stuck a skewer up through the middle (which is harder than it sounds) then dipped it in melted chocolate. :) 
The Ice Cream truck is a cookie jar I found in the local vintage shop!  I spent many an
 hour working on these but it was all worth it.  Knowing in a very small way it was going towards the school was what meant most.

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