Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Shark Adventure

Our boy is shark mad at present.  He's a funny kid cause he manages to move from subject to subject and each time it's a new subject it's almost an obsession for him (*ahem* not at all like his mother!! noooo!)  He talks, thinks, reads, watches, does whatever he can on the newest subject/obsession.  So we've all been a little shark mad of late along with him.

This was our second visit to the Melbourne Aquarium since he was born... the first time he was so young he didn't really appreciate it for what it was.

This time... his focus was ONLY to see the sharks... so much so that he wanted to zoom past every other exhibit just to get to the sharks!!

Then... once there he was adamant that I take a photo of him with a shark! Yes... you read right :) So below you'll see my best efforts at getting a photo of him with a shark.

I had fun with Mum & Dad's new digital SLR camera... taking lots of snaps on the day. Below are the one's I think turned out the most decent.

My highlight and favourite part of the whole day was definitely the penguins!! I know now why they're called KING emperor penguins because they definitely do command majestic like awe.. well from me anyway!
All in all... a truly brilliant day! 

Poppy purchased Kane a little shark... and his Daddy and I purchased a stuffed soft toy Shark for the little man afterward (cause we wouldn't have heard the end of it otherwise) :) and that softie has now been his little best friend since.  He takes it to bed... he's taken it to school 'show and tell'... he carries it wherever he can!

Don't you just love kids!!

Our little guy is honestly the light in my entire life!!

All photo's above are copyright Pip Gerard 2011.
You may use on blogs/articles so long as each is linked back to this blog with credit given.
Not for any commercial use whatsoever.

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