Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Fashion Homewares Retail Store Design

My sister in law, Danika Gerard manages a gorgeous shop on Main Street, Mornington, Victoria called Lola's.  Her Mum bought the place not too long ago (she already owns quite a few homeware shops around the Peninsula too) and needed a logo for the shop.

It's a beautiful fashion & homewares store with gorgeous product throughout.

I was quite chuffed when they asked if I'd have a go at designing the logo. It's definitely not my forte but wanted to try for them. 

They gave me their ideas of the style they wanted and I created about 20 slightly different and varied designs for them to choose from.

Here's the final result. Can't tell you how giddy I felt to see a design I created so big and bold like this!

They're very happy with it which makes me very happy.

It's a stunning shop, especially one for us Ladies... so if you get to Main Street Mornington... make sure to drop in.


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Friday, March 4, 2011

My HUGE Announcement

I can finally announce my biggest of BIG news!!

The reason why I've been Blog AWOL of late is I've been caught up preparing for the release of my Signature Range for a truly fabulous company called The Wall Sticker Company.

My life has taken such a beautiful and happy turn with this new venture... and I'm honestly feeling like I'm living my dreams at the moment.

Not only that but I've met some really special ladies who inspire me so much!  Two other Aussie Mum's who have founded & created this fabulous company!

So here's my Pip Pip Hooray Designer Decal Range.... consisting of 8 different designs in a range of styles and colours.

I really wanted to do my painted designs as wall stickers to see how they'd look.  Kind of like having a mural painted in your house without having the actual artist and paint :)

 They work perfectly with these top quality decals which are the highest quality re-usable fabric adhesives that can be moved and re-used over and over.

Available in both pink and orange

Available in XTRA large and Medium size.

Starfish are available in oranges, blues and pinks.
This wedding photo image is a sample of how I can make a custom
sticker for your wedding with either the green watercolour tree
or the Autumn colored watercolour tree.
I would add the initials and heart onto the tree prior to printing.
My fingers and toes are crossed that they're a popular success so I may get the opportunity to do more.
My wonderful friend Melissa Otto let me take photo's of her home and beautiful children and I'm so thankful to them for that help.  Madison especially is an adorable feature of the styling photo's (you can see her feature in three of the photo's).

You can buy them online and delivery is available worldwide!

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