Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Lil' Sonny Sky Commission

It took a lot of self will to hold back posting about this earlier than this cause I was just so excited about it!
I found Lisa Stubbs before Christmas from browsing through other blogs I'd followed.  I was immediately struck by her designs and went straight to have a look at her Etsy shop. I really loved one particular design and immediately wondered whether she'd be willing to do a custom design similar. I wrote to her and of course she was wonderfully willing and so began our exciting partnership.

I requested a similar design but with the girl having blonde hair and inside the thought bubble I hoped to see art supplies... hearts, birds, trees and strawberries cause they were things I loved and drew most often.
She was incredibly communicative and constantly kept me in the loop and up to date with how it was going. She sent me her initial sketch which got me all goosebumpy ... I was absolutely thrilled!!
Lisa also asked whether I had any special requests for wording to be added to the thought bubble which I thought was such a gorgeous idea.  I asked her to add my son's nickname which is Noosh as well as the number 2421 which is a number my partner created & wrote to me when we'd been together for only 6 months over 12 years ago.  He said it stood for us and he's always written and said it at the end of notes to me since.  I use it back to him too.
It stands for 2gether 4ever 2gether as 1. 
So now I really felt like this gorgeous piece of art was a real representation of me!  It was a representative portrait of me thinking about all the things I think about most... my son, my man and my art! ♥
I adored the colour pattern she chose for the clothing... especially since my online store has such a pink flavour.
On the original inspired piece I'd seen in Lisa's store it had a very funky demin background.  And in light of the recent custom changes she'd made...  the more I thought about this piece and how it was becoming a symbol of me the more I realised I felt it wouldn't be right to have denim as a part of it.  Because you see... I don't wear denim (I can hear you gasping from here!)
I just don't...not because I don't like it... I ..... just. ... don't wear it.
I honestly hoped I wasn't going to offend by subtley asking for something other than denim for the background but Lisa was wonderfully and positively responsive to my request.
She knew that it wasn't that I didn't like a denim background... it was just that it didn't make sense to me when seen as a representation of me.
So she sent me through 4 choices which I thought was just such a wonderful thing to do because I was happy to go with any alternative she chose.
I went with the gorgeous polka dots and just a couple of day's later I received the email from Lisa to say it's finished.
So now I just have to patiently await for it's arrival from the mother country all the way to Oz! :)
It was nothing but pure pleasure working with Lisa and I cannot reccomend her highly enough to you all! She's a brilliant artist/designer with talent coming out of her every pore! If you haven't checked out her blog already... then you simply must here
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Queensland Floods - how we can help

If you're an Australian... you know the floods are our main subject topic of late.. if you're overseas... you may have had a glimpse on your news... or perhaps you're none the wiser.

In the north eastern part of Australia... the area called Brisbane, Queensland... areas bigger than France and Germany combined have been flooded.
Luckily all my family from these parts are ok.

So many were not so lucky at all.

So a friend just shared this on facebook and I thought I'd post it here. It's a page that gives plenty of options for those who wish to help.

They're asking for funds to re-build which makes sense.

The overwhelming message from charities and relief funds is that money is the best way to help in a crisis like this.

Here's the page that lists all the donation areas to contact.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dalai Lama says...

This is my new all time favourite quote!

I love this quote so much and want to share it with absolutely everyone that has yet to read this quote... so much so that I created this poster for the quote to share on the internet!

Please feel free to post it on your blogs, websites, facebooks, twitters...  (just do not sell or use commercially)... no need to link back to me (although you know I'd love it if you did) ♥♥

share it everywhere!!!...

 it's a quote worth sharing... don't you think? :)
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Stop Motion Music Vid

This shows you can do amazing things with little money... just a lot of time, patience & creativity!

Took 12 tries to get it taken all in one long continuous stop motion shot!

Song is called Americanarama by Hollerado

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My first foray into video!

I've made my first video to highlight a small selection of stationery I created that's available for sale in my store.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions as to where I could be posting it on the web. I'm not very big on youtube so anyone with  tips, ideas and experience would be so hugely beneficial.

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