Sunday, December 19, 2010

Art on my Walls...

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This is a very nostalgically special framed photograph print for me (if you've read some of this blog... you'll know I'm a sucker for nostalgia). 

I remember my folks being given it by one of my oldest brother's mates (who I remember was a Chef) when I was around 11 (for what reason I'm not sure) but growing up... this picture was a constant in my life and it still makes me feel good to have it still as a constant in my life today. I've always seen it as a really uplifting and positive image... the children coming out of the dark into the light.  

This is my newest painting acquisition from a fellow artist I met on Red Bubble.
I fell in love with it and was extremely lucky to get it... It's just so me... I adore it!!
Her name is Carmen Cilliers.... you can see her wonderful work "here".

My Aunty is a fabulous artist... she's been painting for most of her life. 

 She did a duo exhibition with my Mum a few years back where she shipped many of her works from Brisbane to Melbourne for the exhibition.
After the exhibition ended she told me to choose a painting for me to keep.  I cannot tell you how thrilled it made me... honestly... my whole insides were like jumping beans... I was just so very very excited!!   I felt just so special and happy ... I absolutely adore her style and her work.... always have!

Of her paintings in the gallery... this was the one that really stood out to me and spoke to me personally.

I'll forever be so thankful to my beautiful Aunty Chris for this painting... it is honestly one of the best gifts I have EVER received.  She's such an incredibly special lady... I admire her so very very much! 


I also have my own work and photography, My Dad's photo's .... as well as a lot of my Mum's art hanging in my house which I will photograph and show in the near future.

Pip x

I would love to see what's hanging on your walls... maybe photograph some of your art/photography on the walls and link it in the comments below?


Just Incredible!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Credit is not the answer

OK... I"m about to get all passionate and perhaps even overbearing... so please bear with me! :)  This is purely my opinion from my own experiences and lessons through my life this far.  I'm no financial expert... this is all based purely on my own thoughts and opinion.

Now I'm one that is usually pretty easy going.. not much phases me... but when things do phase me... well they usually phase me in a HUGE, passionate, overwhelming way!!

Credit and Banks are such things that REALLY affect me!!

And the latest world financial crisis has just affected me even more to the point where I've just recently decided it's time I spoke my mind on this blog platform of mine!

please, please, please... take the time to watch this fantastic video that manages to explain the latest US financial mortgage crisis in such a clear, easy to understand way for everybody to easily & clearly understand it!!

Moral of this brilliant video - Do Not buy a house OR get any Credit/Loans.... when we KNOW we cannot afford it.
Moral to Big businesses/banks/organisations...... don't sell houses or Credit to those you KNOW cannot afford it!!! (and we all know you're doing it... not sure how you live with yourselves... oh that's right... you just spend the money you earned from it to buy something to take your mind of it!!)

I've decided to send a plea out to the universe via this blog right here and now.....

Please... it's time for everyone to realise that credit doesn't only affect yourself and your family directly.. it affects our whole community and economy!

I saw it happen to an old neighbour of ours... in a block of flats Luke and I lived in years back.... they were easily conned into getting a home in a 'so called' suburbia dreamscape, a new residential estate (you know the one's where the houses all look the same, where happy people on bikes ride around man made lakes) with one of those 'too good to be true' house deals... no deposit... no re-payments for a year... all that garbage!! 

They lost EVERYTHING including their marriage!  Came out backwards with far less than they went in with!  Just devastating!!

I'll admit... I've had many a day since having my son and starting my business where I've thought that a credit card would be fantastic... I've even come close to filling out an application... because it would just make things so much easier then and there... take a bit of the stress or pressure off... let me buy that big ticket item for my business that I can't pay for at that moment.

But then I realise... in the long run it will only double/triple/quadruple the stress and pressure when I can't pay it back and when the interest just keeps getting heaped on!

I'm so very very thankful for learning my lesson early in life when I was a teenager (by making the stupid mistake of maxing out my credit card when only 19 years old and having to pay it back for years afterward).

You see money burns a whole in my pocket... If I've got it... I pretty much always spend it on things I'm sure we/I need (when in reality we could make do without).  I enjoy shopping many a time (not clothes shopping though... more like craft, stationery & art shopping) .. and I come away from buying for others always feeling fabulous.
So I know that I should not have a credit card cause I'd get us into all sorts of financial debt no doubt!

I've heard other people kid themselves by saying having a credit card is for security... for when the water heater breaks or the car breaks down... they say having it there is a lifesaver?  Well that's all well and good for the credit card Superheroes who never use it unless it's an emergency or are somehow able to pay back their credit superfast, while paying hardly any interest, if any at all...

But we know ourselves ... don't we? :)  If you're like me (which I'm pretty sure so many of your are) ... then you'll find a way to make it ok in your head ... usually spending some of the cash burning a hole in your pocket before handing it over as a credit card payment... or by telling yourself it's ok to buy that gorgeous shiny thing on said credit card that you hadn't budgeted for... just because you can!  And let's not even talk about having to go shopping to buy something shiny and new because it makes us feel good inside and let's us get through the day not thinking about the darkness in this world of ours... no....  we won't go there... will we??!!  ;)

So of course.... payments to the credit company become less than expected/budgeted... therefore the interest increases.... And the cycle begins!!

Then not only will we heap on the debt.. but then there's the guilt and shame of having that debt that we have to then carry on our shoulders!

Credit is NOT and will NOT ever be the answer!!  It's the answer for all the really rich people and banks... not because they have credit but cause they're making a fortune from us by selling it to us and making us the believe that credit is the way to go for everyone!!

Lets think about the future of ourselves... our children... our country and then think about cutting up those cards and getting used to not buying things whenever we like.  Get used to knowing that if we run out of money for the week/month then we've run out of money and then we have to make do...which will most likely stop ourselves from running out of money next time!

The banks aren't going to do it for us... if we think they're not going to give us a loan or card if we couldn't possibly afford it... think again!!

To those that are already money and credit sensible... I say ... give yourselves a huge pat on the back... cause there aint many of you.

Thanks for letting me have a vent!...

I feel so much better now :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Vintage Family Treasure

Of course while I was treasure hunting (and found "this") I also came across more fabulous photo's from our Family and I just had to scan them (mostly to ensure their posterity).

Here's the wonderful treasures I found...

That's my Grandpa George's writing on the photo (I'm pretty sure) so this wonderful old man must either be his Great Grandfather... or my Dad's Great Grandfather.
Either way... he's "at least" my Great Great Grandfather! 

I wish I was more sure though... so perhaps members of the family might be able to confirm?

Speaking of Gramps and Dad... here they are in a wonderful portrait together when Dad was a boy.

I remember when I looked at this with Dad once, he told me that it was around that time his Dad always called him Butch. :)

Here's an absolutely adorable photo of Dad's sister... my Aunty Jen.  I just love this photo. 

 What a pretty little girl!

And on the maternal side...

The tiny little cherub on the far end of the table is Mum (Lorna Gerard nee Voorhoeve).
The stunning little girl closest .... with the big blue eyes is Mum's Sis, My Aunty Chris.
Aunty Julie is the tallest and oldest sis in the middle.
The little baby in the high chair and other little girl on the other side of the table are other little one's that Mum told me about once and I can't remember... so will have to ask her again.

I just love the little bucket with the toy washing 'presser' (I think that's what they were called) at the end of the table. And look at the spread these girls put on for themselves... gorgeous kids fun!

Vintage Treasure

Looking through our old family photo's (yet again!!) I found this treasure!

I was completely entranced and intrigued by this photograph... on the back written Enfield Car Shed, 1911.

I did a bit of research on the internet and at first I thought this would have been connected to the old NSW Tram lines... but further reading and I realised I believe it's a Car Shed for the NSW Train Line.

I'm not even sure if there's a relative of our's in the photo... perhaps Dad or Mum will be able to help me out with that?

(click on photo to view larger)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mister 6's Super Mario Bros Party!

Talk of  a 'Mario Bros Party' had been the topic of my 6 year old's words and questions for at least the past 2 months!! (ever since he received his Nintendo DS).  I'm not kidding... most mornings the first words out of his mouth were. "Mario Party?" with his big brown eyes looking up at me like a pleading little puppy... and I had to crush him each time with "No not today sweety.... soon".  Times like those it's so hard that kids don't have a proper sense of time. 

Next time I'm going to do a calendar with a number count down... I think that will help.

So the build up to this event was like a huge hyped hollywood blockbuster in our household... and I was getting a little nervous that it wasn't going to come anywhere near his expectations... until  a Mum from Kinder reminded me of the coolest Kids party centre this side of Victoria that was a 20 minute drive from where we lived.  And the decision was then easily made!!  It was to be a small party... cause the cost per child was pretty high ... but if I figured if I kept the kid numbers low it evens out about the same as what I'd end up spending on food, drinks etc. on a bigger party anyway.  So Kane chose a few good buddies to be invited.... and of course his nephews and niece were on the party list.

The beautiful part about the party was... the only thing I had to do was the lolly bags! Actually I didn't even really have to do that if I didn't want cause the centre gave each kid an ice cream and a bag of lollies... but I couldn't help myself... lolly bags are the funnest thing about party planning I reckon! I'm going to sound sad I think... when I say I have a party box that sits in a cupboard that I fill up throughout the year with bargain little novelties and fun things for Kane's parties. I had quite a collection accrued this year... including wads of fake money/notes, yo-yo's, bubble finger rings, tattoos, stickers, mini paint sets and more.

Overall... the hyped up Mario Party was all so easy.... I didn't even have to do the invites if I didn't want... cause they were going to provide them... but of course me being me... I just had to make the Mario one's below which got Kane even more excited & Mario Party 'hyped' when he first saw them.

And I've made one just for you!!! :)

You can print this out and then just write your own details on it. Or open it in your editing software and add your own text then print!! Couldn't be easier... and cheaper :)

OR save it to your own computer... add the text and re-save... then send it as a jpeg file to you all friends through email if you don't have the time to mail them out.




So the morning of the party... We got up at normal time... no rushing round cooking and preparing! All I did was blow up some foil star balloons (I'd prepared the kit bags days before) ... now I tell you... that's my kind of kids party!! :)

It was a brilliant day... Kane was red faced and sweaty all day from running around getting in as much fun as possible in the time allowed.  In fact we let him and one of his Kindergarten buddies stay and play for over another hour after the party ended cause they were just having so much fun!

To see the smile on Kane's face just made me feel better than anything in the world!  He has a way of joy smiling when he's really happy in a moment... and when I see that... well I find there's absolutely no better feeling!!

Little Ruby... wonder girl... I swear she has more balls than most boys! She was up and down the giant slide over and over and over without the slightest bit of doubt and fear. And the most adorable thing was everytime she went down the slide... her hair would fly back like little pig tail wings! 

This place is just unreal... any kids that wanted their face painted or to have special glitter tattoo's could have them (all part of the party package). 

They even had an art room where kids could draw if they wanted (although they were all too happy in the playground to bother).

And my life was made even easier when my sister in law made the coolest cake on the planet!!

Just look at this absolutely fantastic cake!! (and it was delicious too!)

Ruby...ever the little sweet helper... helped Kane cut the cake. (and I noticed picked up a bit of icing on the way back up) :)

At the end of the day Kane said out of nowhere... "Best Day Ever"... and my heart felt so full it could burst.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Pip's Journal - Part 5

Another photographed page from my journal/moleskin.

I finished the tree with inks then realised I'd done it upside down inside the book! - ooops.

One Year of Growth

A year of growth in all kinds of ways... facial hair, maturity, wisdom, spiritually and.... it seems through love...

I just happily came across this video and loved it so much that I just had to share!!

November 9th 2007 - November 13th 2008

one year on foot - 4646km through China by Christoph Rehage

Here's his travel diary website which covers the whole journey in much more detail :

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm an addict...

..... a stationery addict...

and a big one!

This photo I took in Officeworks the other day I think gives concise and clear reasoning for my addiction without any more words required!


Pip's Blog Button

Adrienne requested a Pip Pip Hooray blog button as she very kindly offered to put it on her blog.

I hadn't got around to creating one yet but this was the push I so very needed.

A little confusion & trial and error later... I'd created my very own Pip Pip Hooray Blog Linky Thing for sidebars.

Of course anyone else out there who wants to share the Pip Pip Hooray love on their blogs are so very very welcome and appreciatively encouraged :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rock Concert for Pre Schoolers.

Yesterday was a hot day spent inside a hot arena watching what I call... rock'n'roll for preschoolers!

My boy's highlight was sitting in the 'real' big red car for all of 30 seconds having the photo below taken.

Going to their live shows really shows why they've been the no.1 kids entertainment for so long.. if I compare them to Hi 5, Lazytown or Thomas live shows... they come out way on top!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Roses - a metaphor for love.

I was inspired to post this by the lovely Adrienne who was actually the first blogger I came across that I'd not known previously... when I first started blogging. 

I love the way she lives.. I love the way she thinks...

I do believe we have a lot in common.

Check out her fabulous blog :)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Pip's View on Roses

I came to the conclusion not too long ago that roses may be considered the most romantic flowers in the world because metaphorically they're a symbol of love.

I realised that....

Roses... though considered by the majority as the most beautiful flowers in the world... at the same time they can also be the most painful with those thorns to inflict pain on touch.

Just as Love... can be the most beautiful and incredible feeling in the world... at the same time it can also be the most painful.

This thought was what inspired me to do my Rose Hearts series of designs.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥