Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I've fallen for Tunng

I've fallen in love with a group I've just happily found
.... called Tunng.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Featured Zazzle Seller!!

Big, big news for Pippy!! I was thrilled when zazzle contacted me to say I was to become a featured store... just over the moon (I actually shrieked... and if you know me... you'd be shocked to hear me say I shrieked!) 

Being a featured store was a goal for me and to get there was a true moment I treasured.

Jess from Zazzle did an email interview with me which you can read below.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Watching the Wheels

Definitely my favourite Lennon song.
Can't tell you how thrilled I was to find this original acoustic version! 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Auckland Trip.

Me, my son and my man went to New Zealand recently and we absolutely loved it.
It was so much like home it was quite amazing.   They are our neighbours and I see why we are close as countries... we are very similar.   There was absolutely no culture shock.  But even though it was so familar and similar it was beautiful enough and unique enough to be a truly wonderful holiday!
We spent the first 5 days in Auckland City and we loved it so much. Then we got ourselves a luxury motorhome and drove South for 5 days.
We'd always heard great things about New Zealand and now we're one of those saying those great things!
Here's the view from hotel room in Auckland (25 floors up).
One very foggy morning. And one clear lovely night.
Man at Work! (taken from our balcony with my long lense)
People Watching.

The view from our lovely Habour Cruise.  Auckland is a beautiful city.
How gorgeous are these clouds?
Rotorua - See all that steam... that's steam from the Volcano that is released constantly through the ground. It's quite amazing... and it has a very distinctive sulphur smell.

It's  hard to see... but all the little white bits in the water are bubbles. They're created by the volcanic steam releasing under the water. And the water is so very very warm.  It's really quite awe inspiring to see.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Very Own Business Cards

So I printed my own sets of business cards a few months ago using my favourite retro tree painting.  And I must say I've had a really lovely response from all the people I've given them to. I've also left them at my local Community Centre and Child Play Centre among other places and have had people contact me after picking them up! Cannot tell you how much that thrilled me!  I even met a really lovely lady from my business card so these business cards are quite special to me.

You can have the same... or any other of the numerous designs I've created.  And zazzle's printing quality is top notch... just look at the bright, bold colours in my business cards below. 

I've been told that my Lime Green Side actually jumps out at people and catches their eye... couldn't ask for more with a business card could I?

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Australians - shop here for best shipping prices*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From One Pip to Another...

Very happily I stumbled upon another Pip last week on Twitter. Turns out to that's she's in my home state and has a gorgeous craft store in the wonderful and cosmopolitan suburb of Brunswick!
First thing I did of course was check out her blog and was suitably impressed!  I saw her envelope project and was immediately hooked in.  Completely inspired I just had to join in!  This kind of stuff I just adore doing.  And I was number 268 to join the project so it's a huge and wonderful collaborative effort from people all over the world! That excites me so much.
So the aim of the envelope project is to send in a decorated envelope to her store filled with whatever you want.  As soon as I saw the project I started on my envelope that night.  I finished it over the weekend and posted it yesterday.
Here's my little slice of 'Meet Me At Mike's Fun'.

And feeling  a bit of a kindred spirit with Pip... because in my life so far I've only ever met 2... and not only that but she's a creative girl... with a craft shop in my hometown... well that just makes her an even extra special Pip! ;)So... I decided to sent her a little gift too inside the envelope.
Inside another envelope within the envelope... I sent her a little tear drop watercolour painting. 
Thought it was a good memorial for the previous window that the envelope project replaced.
I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Red Tree

There's a book.
A book that I absolutely adore.
It's by Shaun Tan an Australian author.
If you haven't seen it already... then take a look here for a glimpse at it's true beauty.

I was inspired to create a Red Tree because of this book.  Great books to me are little boxes of magic.
Novels, kids books, gift books whatever... if they're fantastic then I love them... and want to have them. You all would probably be bowled over if you saw how many books i have in my house... it's like a mini library or a small warehouse. It's not only because I adore good books (which I truly do) but it's from my years working at Pan Macmillan as well as the fact my wonderful Dad has been in publishing now for over 15 years.  I also just shut down my ebay book business so I've got a lot of stock left. (need to organise it and work out what to do with most of them... am thinking about a garage sale).

So here's my latest painting... inspired by the beautiful book above.
I framed the painting and now have it hanging in my living room. (below)

Printable Stationery Available (click on images to view)

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UK residents - shop here for best shipping prices.*

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here Comes The Sun

George Harrison wrote this song when he was completely stressed out with all the Beatles arguing over their contracts with Apple.
He said he 'wagged' a meeting one day and instead went outside in the sunshine which he'd not done in a long while.
And there he wrote this song.
My most favourite of all favourite personal songs to make me feel better and get me in a positive state of mind.
And I want to share it with you!
Hope you find it brightens your mood.
This is a gorgeous live version George did. RIP George. ♥

Friday, July 2, 2010

Autumn Wedding?

Here's a design I'm actually quite proud of. I've designed these wedding invites specially so you can personalize and put you and your fiance's initials on the tree trunk. The font I've chosen looks very much like the letters are actually carved into the tree. There's also a love heart with an arrow through it above the initials.
Pretty romantic & unique wedding invite I thought?

So if you're interested... all you have to do is click on the image below and you'll be taken to the stationery for sale online. There, all you have to do is type over the example text with your own choice of wording and it will change on screen there and then so you can see what it will look like when printed. If you feel it needs further changes you then have the option to click on the 'customize it' button where you can choose from dozens of fonts, colors & sizes. You can also move the text and images anyway you wish! So really... you are having a major hand in creating your stationery yourself!

You'll also have a choice of 6 different paper types which, once you click on them, you'll see what they look like there and then, on screen!!!

Also... all invitations come with a matching sized white envelope included in the cost!

Once you're happy with the changes you can choose to add it cart where you can then purchase safely through paypal or using credit card. Zazzle then guarantee to print the invites and have them on the way to you within 24 hours!! I'm sure you'll find the prices extremely reasonable too.

So... see why zazzle really is the most amazing customization stationery seller online!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Painting - Landsphere

So worked on my spherical painting for over a week at nights and finished it last week. Couldn't help myself from posting a digital print version on Red Bubble. (see below).

The original is actually 4 times as big... the size of A3 paper. When I get around to photographing it when it's framed I'll post it here.

Will be framing the original & putting up for sale. More landscapes to come.

Moving House?

One of the subjects I've designed many different themes for is 'Moving House' & 'Housewarming Stationery'.
My latest design for that subject was a fun vector design where I used heaps of little things that make up a home to make one big picture of a house.
Whether you're after postcards, stylish double sided cards, business cards sized notes or more... I've got it covered in my zazzle store.

Click on the following link to view all stationery for moving house & housewarming....

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We are sailing...

My newest creation for young boys parties & events. A nautical sailor theme.
Birthday invites can be changed to any age you wish easily online. Each is double sided, full color printing. All invites come with free envelopes included in the cost!
Add your own photo easily and quickly in minutes!
Pay securely with paypal.
Remember.. my store has 100's of unique designs and it's growing more and more everyday!
Pip ♥
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