Friday, November 19, 2010

Pip's Journal Part 5

Here's the journal entry for my little man's foot prints & hand print that I collected when he was 4 months old (definitely not as easy a task as I first thought! Very very hard to get a perfect impression. I know other Mum's will relate?)

Initially I thought I was going to put them in a scrapbook but I realised a year after Kane was born (of course... after I'd spent a lot of money on scrapbook supplies!) that I'm not a scrapbooker... I'm a journaller.

I had his baby feet & hand cut out's sitting in my art box for a whole 4 years before I finally got around to adding them to this journal!
Which is why I've told other Mum's before that get upset with themselves for not doing their scrapbooks or memory books yet... not to worry!!

With scrapbooking or journalling... My opinion is... that so long as you collect the memories and bits along the way (even if it's just a quick jot down of what happened)... then in a time of your life where you're not as run off your feet will be the time when you can sit down and commit the time you really want to the project! It won't matter to your kids when it's done... so long as it's done.  

Honestly... the best gift my Mum has ever given me was a full photo album she put together of my life up till that point (when I was 12 years old) with little sayings and quotes throughout.  She did one for every member of the family.  (And it was many years before scrapbooking was THE crafty 'thing' too)

Perhaps those kinds of things mean more to some people than others... but to me it meant so very much.  What I loved most was the little sayings and stories that accompanied the photo's.  And I still look through that photo album at least once a year!!


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