Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On My Dining Room Table

So here's photo's I took of a very small selection of my own designs that I ordered and had delivered to myself.
Photo's were taken on my dining room table (hence the blog title)

I'm again, really impressed with the colours and printing quality.
The postcards are so bright and bold... and the glossy fronts are stand out wonderful!

I can't tell you how excited I was when I received my first parcel of stationery with my designs printed on them... I really couldn't contain myself. It gave me such a wonderful feeling... I had butterflies in my tummy and I did little squeels of delight! (and believe me... I'm not a squeel of delight kind of girl usually)

I had a lot of fun taking the photo's. 
The props around the stationery are all my own wares. 
The Vase (in the far background) was a very special gift from Mum on my last birthday.
The big blue tea cup was from Mum too.
And the birds were from my sister in law for my last birthday and I just adore them! The box in the background was an awesome find in an Asian bargain shop!   And those gorgeous gingerbreads were from the famous Emerald Bakery the day we went to Puffing Billy.

(Mum bought me this photocard for my 33rd birthday. That's me aged 20 in the photo.  It was very sweet of her. She bought it as a keepsake of my design business that at the time was just starting to show some real promise. She is the most thoughtful woman I know!)

So this is an example from the gorgeous photocard range. They're one sided, long DL shaped thick cards. With a glossy front especially perfect for photographs. Each photocard comes with a matching sized envelope (which are nice and thick in quality) included in the cost for each photocard.
All my photocards are $1.40 US or less.
To see my current full range of photocards click "HERE"

All of the above are from my postcards range. No postcard costs more than $1.50.
They're really gorgeous quality... like I mentioned, bright, crisp colours... full coloured on both sides.
The fronts of the postcards are a gorgeous glossy front... again wonderful to make photographs look their best... and the backs are lovely matted colour.

And you can easily personalize them if required.  It's set up for you to customize the products online in minutes! It's all Do It Yourself... and it's all really easy to do!  Personalizing is FREE and there's no commitment to purchase. You can personalize a  few of my products by seeing what your photo/text will look like on the finished product... and then if you like what you see... then you have the option to purchase (paypal is available).
I've done a quick rundown on how to customize product if you're interested here.

To see my full range of postcards available click "HERE"


  1. Hi Pip! Just wanted to drop by and thank you for following my blog...I really appreciate that! I've been checking yours out too and I'm suitably impressed! Thanks again! Xx

  2. I just discovered your blog while following the @Zazzle feed on Twitter. As a fellow Zazzler, it's very cool indeed to see photos of the paper goods and to be assured of the stand out quality of the products. Your design work is amazing. Thanks for sharing and here's to continued success!