Friday, November 19, 2010

My Niece's 2nd Birthday Party

Last weekend was beautiful Ruby Rose's 2nd Birthday Party. It was Dora themed cause she just adores Dora.... at this point in her life. 

I just adore her.... at this point in my life!

Thought I'd share with you some photo's I took on the day. My battery on my DSLR was dead so I had to use my Smartphone. 

The little princess getting ready to hear her birthday song.

Even though it's out of focus I love this photo.

Cousins blowing bubbles!

Everytime Rubes tried to blow bubbles she ended up eating the bubble wand.

My boy proved quite the proficient bubble blower!

Don't you just wanna squeeze her! Know I do ;)

Bubbles in training! :)

My sis in law and little nephew.

Same sister in law giving bubble training above... made this awesome cake.

(she's available for orders on the Mornington Peninsula by the way)

Ruby's first boyfriend. x
Takin' a ride on the back of boyfriends bike - Look out Daddy! ;)

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