Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Work Space

So as far as all things internet & digital design go (not my painting & drawing... I do that on the dining room table) I'm very lucky to have an office of my very own.  The place where I work... mostly while my boys are asleep, out, or while they're at work & school.
When I first set up the office about 5 years ago I created an inspiration wall cause I really am the type of person that's loves having eclectic things around me to look at and admire.

So this is what I see if I look up right now from the monitor.  

Each and every piece up there either has an emotional link or a design inspiration.  Some of them are my own original design pieces that I've stuck up there.  

Some of the pictures I'd collected and held onto from when I was in my early 20's.

 I spent a lot of time creating it but i'm glad I did cause I cherish my wall.
And you'll notice there's still plenty of space for me to add more as I go.

Just keeping the desk clutter free is my biggest challenge... I am definitely a clutter bunny :)

Pip's Office


  1. Oooow what an awesome inspirational wall!

  2. looks like a fun space to spend your hours!

  3. Thanks girls... it is a very fun office. I'm so lucky! ♥♥

  4. I know the feeling my studio is a series of stacks. Im quite skilled now and have some thigh high stacks of things of various sizes... they look quite neat and if you understand the physics of stacking one can become quite skilled at it.